Taxi Film Action Vehicle’s

With our extensive history and knowledge from working in and around the taxi trade, we are able to provide a very authentic service and advise on the appropriate taxi for a specific time, era and location.
We can accommodate for photo shoots, advertisements, music videos, TV or film productions

Below are a few examples of whats availible, For more examples and more information please visit


Action Vehicles vintage taxi 3

Marron Austin Taxi

Action Vehicles modern electric tx5 taxi

Black TXE Comfort plus

Action Vehicles austin fx3 classic black taxi

Black Autin FX3 Taxi


Action Vehicles vintage taxis peg 1 carry on cabby

Both Austin London Taxi, Low Loader


Action Vehicles modern taxi on set

‘ACTION’ Modern Taxi On Set

Action Vehicles modern taxi itv coronation street rovers return

LTI TX4 Taxi